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Hi, I'm Della.

In short, I am a RYT-500 Yoga student and teacher in Chattanooga, TN. 

My journey with Yoga began 10 years ago in a quaint, basement classroom in college where we practiced Ashtanga Yoga once a week and learned about Ayurveda. When I emerged from college, wide eyed and totally clueless, I found my way back to my hometown and discovered a Yoga studio that would very quickly change the course of my life. In 2015, I decided to enroll in 200HR teacher training and proceeded to fall madly in love with the practice and the way in which it can help people. 


My Approach

Today, I guide students through many different modalities of Yoga and continue to learn and grow through my practice and teachings. For me, my Yoga mat is a sacred space in which I: 


  • Worry about how I feel more than how I look

  • Come home to myself over and over again

  • Hold space for myself to heal

  • Lean into my strength instead of running away from it 

  • Learn how to move through my life off the mat with integrity, kindness, and curiosity 


It’s safe to say that Yoga has and continues to completely transform my life. The more I practice and teach, the more I see that Yoga is for everyone. 


Today, I’m working on projects that will propel the practice of Yoga forward. Yogi CEO is my newest project that provides resources and coaching to Yoga Studios and teachers. In whatever small ways, I hope to continue creating a positive ripple effect throughout my community and the community at large. 

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